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Global subsidiary management

Managing overseas entities and ensuring they remain in good standing can be challenging. We can help navigate the complexity.

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The challenge of managing entities worldwide

Looking after multiple third parties across several different countries can be difficult, especially as local rules, regulations and processes can vary wildly. Your in-house legal departments work especially hard to ensure your business remains compliant and avoids the consequence of falling foul of rules and regulations.

Bear in mind that these functions set the corporate risk and compliance culture in the organisation. Therefore, your in-house teams want to enhance their reputation for removing the hurdles that hold your business back, meaning you can enter new markets quicker, integrate MA activity faster, or scale the business more quickly.

Legal teams are expected to maintain a global overview of the company’s corporate housekeeping which includes juggling and meeting varying local deadlines.

In addition, they’re expected to handle legal compliance administration, balancing the time-consuming coordination of company secretarial duties across many markets and time-zones, and expected to focus on strategic legal and corporate governance work.

Our global secretarial services offering

We have a team of over 4000 experts around the globe who are on hand to help you achieve your goals, whilst alleviating the stress, meaning you can concentrate on your core business activity.

Let us remove the burden of keeping up-to-speed with changing rules and regulations. We can help you satisfy internal pressures so your teams can keep focused on the areas where they add the most value.

Our proprietary client portal, IRIS, helps drive visibility and control of your entities worldwide, all the while taking care of the unfamiliar procedures, obligations, and administrative details so you can focus on your business.

What our service includes:

  • Sharing knowledge on the types of structures available to you
  • Compliance with applicable local rules and regulations, through a single point of coordination, across your international entities
  • Company secretarial services including company formation, international structuring, registered address, process agent, directorships, and board support services
  • Transactional services such as name or director changes
  • Implementing structures and arrangements
  • Obtaining official corporate documents such as certificates of incorporation and certificates of good standing
  • Sourcing relevant professional licences and tax registrations
  • Regulatory and compliance services, including; Common Reporting Standards (CRS), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Country-by-Country notification and OECD Local and Master File, Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations and Legal Entity Identifier.
  • Managing transactions and rationalising existing entities
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) registration
  • Standardising local and central compliance reports
  • Liaising with your advisors, banks, lawyers as appropriate

Case study

How we helped Largo Resources expand sales operations in Ireland

Largo Resources was restructuring its global sales approach, creating fully operational teams in its Ireland and US commercial offices. The company was looking for local expertise to support the Irish subsidiary, helping navigate the complexity associated with expanding operations.


Seamless reporting through technology

Our services are scalable and are seamlessly integrated with your domestic entity management activities using our market-leading technology. 

IRIS, our client portal, simplifies business compliance, subsidiary data, document management, corporate governance and reporting. IRIS securely holds your entities data and acts as a central repository, underpinned by our local experts on the ground, so that you can access the accurate, live data. 

As part of our virtual boardroom, we offer online board pack solutions, fully automated and up-to-date at all times. You don’t need to carry documents around, but instead can access them from your own device, as well as add comments and minutes on the go.

We protect your companies’ confidential and sensitive information with our comprehensive information security programme. IT security is embedded in all of our policies and is deeply integrated within all our IT activities.

Discover IRIS

How we help you manage your global entities

Reduce risk

Our experts are based in-country, understand the local rules, culture and customs and how it affects legal and regulatory compliance requirements.


We offer you global reporting and a single point of contact for operating globally. Activities are visible and aligned to central management’s standards.

Manage cost

Costs are transparent, controllable and invoiced in whatever currency or location you prefer.


We can help your legal team become more efficient, decrease cost and allow your team to focus on core and strategic activities.


We can coordinate centrally and deliver locally, streamlining your myriad of vendors.


We can coordinate across the globe, not only 24/7, but also within 24 hours if needed.