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Private trust companies

Private trust companies are commonly used by high net worth families in their wealth structuring. They provide a comprehensive framework whereby family members can make decisions while avoiding complications of succession, protecting their confidentiality.

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Private Trust Company (PTC) structures are bespoke vehicles that provide many benefits. We have the experience you need to navigate the complexity of creating a bespoke structure to meet your long-term goals.

If you have a family business which has been built over several generations and provides substantial income, you may benefit from a PTC structure. PTCs can allow you to retain a degree of control, including the running of your business. PTCs are established with the sole purpose of acting as a corporate trustee to a trust, or a number of trusts, provided those trusts are “connected”, often for the same family.

PTCs also provide great succession planning opportunities, allowing younger family members to become involved in decision making. They can be established quickly and operate at a relatively low cost, making them an attractive choice.

It’s essential that the PTC (and the family trusts it houses) is run properly with the assistance of experts who know how to administer the structure in accordance with local laws. Our experts in local jurisdictions can help you unleash the potential of using a PTC structure.

We can assist in the formation and administration of PTCs in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland. In addition, we act as trustee of the purpose of trust, either holding shares in the PTC or in a Bahamas Executive Entity (BEE).

Why use a PTC?

Avoiding trusteeship changes

PTCs avoid the need for future changes of trusteeship. Instead, only the management agreement between the PTC and the licensed administrator would need to be terminated and a new agreement entered in to.

Trustee liability

Professional trustees are always aware of their liability. As a result, professional trustees are reluctant to take ownership of assets or participate in ventures where substantial risk may be present.

Family control

PTCs mean that you, and your family members, have more control over trust affairs without compromising the validity of the family trusts.


PTCs can make confidential philanthropic payments whilst ensuring the person managing the structure understands their thought process in providing for such causes.


Ownership of the structure can remain confidential when structured with the use of, for example, a purpose trust.


PTCs are likely to be more flexible and agile when dealing with trust assets, as well as easier to manage.

A PTC structure can be a focal point for a trust structure. Our global team can provide guidance and experience in the establishment and management of a PTC.

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They are very well researched and they understand the subject matter that they talk about and I think that they provide an invaluable service in terms of robust offshore management.” Private Clients