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AIFMD depositary

Alternative Investment managers need to cope with ever more regulations and measures to increase investor protection. We can help you navigate the complexity.

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Appointing us as your depositary


European jurisdictions where we're an authorised depositary

ISAE 3402 Type II

certified in the Netherlands

We accelerate the possible across a range of alternative investment strategies for our depositary clients including private equity, private debt, venture capital, real estate and infrastructure.

An authorised AIFMD depositary across multiple European hubs

Alternative investment managers are increasingly subject to more stringent regulatory regimes and pressure to ensure investor protection.

If your fund operates under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), you need to appoint an independent depositary to oversee your fund’s activities and ensure the proper safekeeping of the funds’ assets, identifying any risks connected with the operational performance of the Alternative Investment Fund (AIF).

Our depositary service has been specifically designed for alternative investment fund managers of illiquid assets to comply with their regulatory obligations under the AIFMD. Our service is available to managers and funds established or marketed in the EU and lighter regulations apply to non-EU funds managed by an EU or a non-EU manager. We’re authorised as a depositary across six key European hubs: the UK, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Our dedicated depositary teams work closely with you to ensure you have robust risk management processes in place and a productive dialogue between AIFMs and third-party service providers. We can also assist with the design and implementation of a tailor-made oversight function. Our bespoke operating model means we can assist you with all AIFMD-requirements including onboarding, monitoring cash flows, ownership verification, record keeping and oversight duties. And, our depositary solution can be delivered standalone or as part of our integrated 360° fund services.

Our AIFMD depositary services include:

  • Verification of asset ownership
  • Capital and cash flow monitoring
  • Oversight of the AIF policies and procedures
  • Ensuring that transactions and valuations are performed in accordance with the fund’s principal documents, applicable laws and the AIFMD identification
  • On-going risk monitoring of the different fund assets
  • Jurisdictional reach for passported or private placed funds
  • Robust risk management and oversight processes
  • Interactive dialogue between AIFMs and third-party service providers
  • Fully integrated fund services (AIFM Management Company, fund administration and depositary services)

Why choose us?


We offer jurisdictional reach for Passported or Private Place Funds, delivering oversight services for opt-in structures and non-AIFM structures


Our offering is tailored and can be offered as a standalone or in conjunction with our AIFM ManCo and fund administration services


Our highly knowledgeable team combines it's specialist expertise with a commitment to delivering high quality and personal solutions