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Bankruptcy and Restructuring: Navigating Distress in the Evolving Markets

22 Jun 2023

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Private Funds Industry Live, Expanding Private Funds in Global Markets

10 Jan 2023

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Private Funds Industry Live, Demystifying Private Capital Funds

6 Dec 2022

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Asset protection

Your asset portfolio, whether it comprises classic cars, vintage wine, commercial or personal real estate, requires expert administration. We work with individuals, families, family offices and family-run businesses to protect and structure your assets.

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Your assets may make up a large amount of your personal wealth and may be located around the world, being used and accessed by multiple family members. We’re your trusted guide when it comes to ensuring that your assets, whether they’re lifestyle assets or commercially based assets, are structured and administered in a way that works best for you.

The assets you’ve accumulated, such as collectables, classic cars or yachts, are part of you. Your lifestyle assets have been acquired for your enjoyment but unfortunately can come with seemingly never-ending administration. Insurance, storage, management, structuring – all require niche expertise. Whilst you want to enjoy these assets, we can take care of the asset administration, managing the complexity and making sure it’s dealt with efficiently and as expertly as possible.

Similarly, your business assets are part of your wealth structure. It could be commercial and residential property, investments, shares – we can provide structured solutions and ensure that your assets and your wealth are managed correctly, professionally and to your requirements.

No two asset protection structures are the same and sometimes assets have two values – physical and emotional. Solutions can take the form of many different structures, including; trusts, SPVs, private trust companies, holding companies and limited partnerships.

Our experts can identify bespoke opportunities for asset protection and structuring and provide administration, monitoring and management which cater to the long-term. They can form part of your succession planning and help you navigate the complexity of your long-term goals.

No matter where your assets are or what they’ll be used for, we can provide a bespoke solution for you.

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They are keen to understand our perspective and our underlying commercial drivers." Private Clients

Why choose us?


Our heritage goes back to 1952 and our clients have worked with us through several generations


Our relationship with you is one of personal trust - each is different and each one has its own dynamic


We work with you to understand your short-term and long-term goals to ensure your wealth is preserved for future generations