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Process agent services

Doing business in foreign jurisdictions often requires a local process agent. We can help you accelerate the possible.

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An experienced, reliable, and responsive process agent

International transactions can vary greatly from country to country, yet a typical provision included in many agreements is the obligation to appoint an agent for service of process, typically referred to as a ‘process agent’.

Whether you’re conducting a cross-border agreement involving corporate entities, commercial banks, sovereign states, lending agencies or credit agencies all parties must agree on a choice of law clause specifying that any disputes under the agreement will be determined in accordance with the law of a particular jurisdiction. The established commercial laws of New York, Hong Kong and London make them popular choices. When one or more of the parties agree on a choice of law jurisdiction where they don’t have a physical presence (i.e. an address), a process agent is required to act as a representative. The process agent would serve court papers etc. on your behalf (and escalate them appropriately), or simply receive documents and notices under contracts.

Our experts can act as process agents in more than 15 countries and growing. We understand what’s required to create and execute a process appointment in all types of scenarios and we value the fact our role isn’t only for the time of appointment but for the whole term of the agreement. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, recognising the importance of setting things up well in advance of closing dates. And, we provide immediate notice of receipt of any legal proceedings in accordance with the terms of any agreements, securely and efficiently, so avoiding any undesirable consequences.

Our process agent services:

  • Process agent for contracts, transactions, ISDA agreements and structured finance documentation
  • Assistance in court actions and legal procedures
  • Registered office services
  • Receiving documents and notices under contracts where a third party is required
  • Accepting service of notices, proceedings or documents on behalf of overseas clients
  • Being appointed for more than one party in an agreement

Benefits of onboarding trusted process agent:

  • Fast registration and appointment online
  • Efficient process for obtaining and reviewing appointment documentation
  • Secure and accessible offering
  • Support in multiple languages

Our local knowledge, innovative technology and excellent client service delivers a compelling proposition – keeping you one step ahead.

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