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Special purpose acquisition company services (SPACs)

A SPAC listing can be as complex as they are popular. As the European leader in administering SPACs, we can help you accelerate the possible.

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An experienced and robust provider of servicing SPACs transactions

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) have seen a rapid surge in the IPO market in 2020, being a popular, and competitive, investment choice for the likes of private equity and real estate fund managers, sovereign wealth funds and investment banks. SPACs are newly formed companies raising cash in an IPO to fund the merger or acquisition of a target private company, with a defined criteria. Once merged, the private company becomes public. This process is quicker than traditional IPOs and gives more price certainty to the private company. The attraction for investors is that SPACs are run by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and former corporate executives.

The SPAC process consumes a lot of your time and attention. Marketing your credentials to potential investors, gaining their trust and investment, potentially needing to raise private investment in public equity (PIPE) funds, and completing the transaction on time, and without encountering unforeseen issues, is a significant task. Especially as one eye must also be kept on preparing for life post-SPAC and those hurdles: from producing regulator compliant audited financial statements to ensuring internal controls and financial reporting, to cybersecurity and critical filings for regulator and investor review. No two SPACs are the same and your approach will need to be tailored for each, with many workstreams working on parallel tracks.

Our expert team of more than 4,000 employees globally are at the forefront of this increasingly popular trend with a growing, and comprehensive, track record of SPAC transactions. As a global company, we can assist in multi-jurisdictional transactions and have the local knowledge, flexibility and breadth of services to provide a cost-effective solution should you be exploring a SPAC transaction; either to purchase or to realise through an exit. When it comes to KYC and onboarding, we can help you meet strict deadlines and provide seamless execution for your transaction. As the only central bank licensed escrow service provider in Europe experienced in facilitating SPACs, we can offer tailor-made escrow agreements geared to service cross-border transactions, governed by the laws of many key jurisdictions. For each SPAC transaction, our escrow and settlement team incorporates a single purpose insolvency remote foundation to ringfence the investor’s funds, while investment opportunities are sourced.

Listing SPACs on The International Stock Exchange (TISE)

SPACS have grown again in popularity and TISE has specific rules for listing the equity of trading companies and investment vehicles which might be utilised by the enlarged group once the SPAC has made its Qualifying Acquisition (QA) if there’s a demand to retain a listing. We’re able to act as both listing and transfer agent on The International Stock Exchange (TISE) for SPACs and REITs transactions in addition to our full suite of other corporate and agency services.

Our services include:

  • Listing and transfer agent on TISE
  • Registered office
  • Process agent
  • Trustee / Escrow agent
  • STAR Trust Agreements in Cayman
  • Additional corporate solutions from establishing the foundation, providing a registered address, company secretarial services and trustee services


European Payment Service Directive 2 compliant


We worked on the first ESG-focused SPAC listed in Amsterdam


SPVs administered by us across the world’s key fund hubs


debt issuers where we act as listing agent

London markets need radical reform to catch the rising tide of SPACs deals.

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Why choose us?


Given our scale, we can adapt to large volumes and maintain super-fast response times as markets rapidly expand.


We’re competitive when it comes to commercials/pricing and our escrow offering is more competitive than traditional bank solutions.


A lot of our team have financial services or banking backgrounds – we can preempt what a client might need before they think of it.